Motorcycles and beautiful girls are photos 1

Motorcycles and beautiful girls are photos 3

Motorcycles and beautiful girls are photos 2

Motorcycles and beautiful girls are photos.
Girl and motorcycle
On the motorcycle drove…
Slightly, pancake, I was not left without legs.
And began with that… That I, goat
Told: “I want to be at a wheel”
Hey yeah!!! Fly my Urals as an arrow,
Well you, pancake, stand, a head?
What’s the matter? I did not understand?
Ah to get?. Well… Well.
And where to twist pancake of what here?
Yes will be enough to neigh and smoke!
Well help, for God’s sake
I am waited long ago by the road.
All got. And I already sit.
In total… I am farther I can.
Now I will adjust mirrors
(I so seriously approach always).
Included the speed, gas, pancake, included.
He jumped. I in the saddle hiccupped.
No! (Ik) I was not frightened!!!
And on a horse, I strangely enough, kept.
And here I fly, agape!!!
Pancake. On the right there is a hill, at the left a povotor…
And I shout, cursing destiny
Retyata!!! Where brakes?
I survived… Holy Christ mine
I lie with the punched head.
Opened eyes…, It seems, bushes.
Shoot. Now will come, will give pi ** y.
And I and so strongly suffered,
All was scratched and broke manicure.
In a head fog, in a mouth a grass,
But thank God. Ya… It is live…

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