Makeup on the lips. Adhesive video

Looking in the mirror, you notice that the lips are no longer so bright, voluminous and not visible contour? You always paint your lips and draw a contour with a pencil, but make-up does not hide all the cosmetic defects? Because of this, many begin to plan an aesthetic operation, obtaining silicone lips. But there are not so expensive and easier ways to correct the lip pattern – permanent lip makeup.

Lip tattooing is the application of pigments under the surface layers of the skin to simulate a natural makeup. The duration of the effect can be a couple of months, and maybe up to three years. The procedure is carried out using a special anesthetic and special cosmetic equipment. In the photo you can see that the permanent makeup of lips looks very bright, rich and beautiful, if the work was done by a professional in his work.

Pleasant and fascinating viewing of the video of a beautiful make-up on the lips. Write your feedback and comments after watching the video.

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