Independent and self-sufficient beautiful blonde Amber Hurd, video

Ember Hurd Born: 1986 Independent and self-sufficient, she has been deciding at the age of 17 how she should be cared for. From early childhood, she was testing her strength. My father often took her for fishing and fishing, she even went around horses. “Inside, I was a girl-girl, but my father did not raise a girl, but I am equal to myself,” Amber said. After leaving Texas she decided to conquer Hollywood. In 2006, appeared in the film “All the Boys Love Mindy Lane”, “The Jones Family” and with Johnny Depp in “The Rum Diary” (2011). The actor quickly absorbed Amber, which was discussed for a long time by the press and led to a divorce. The couple began to meet, was unrestrained and constantly attracted the attention of tabloids. One could say that Ember is basking in the glory of an eminent partner, but she attracts attention no less and is always the center of attention of others. Her confident gaze of brilliant eyes attracts both fans and paparazzi. She is absolutely fearless, combines a wise adult woman and an insane savage. Spontaneity and an inordinate thirst for life is all about Amber, although the actress is rather secretive by nature. He likes to cook and travel a lot. She always hurries to live and tries everything that gives her life. For some time Ember lived with a woman photographer Tasei Van Rie.
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