Incendiary wedding dance with surprises, video moods

Toasts with a wedding
From today you are officially a family. A little later, your relationship will become less romantic, but if you two work on it, then the romance can be extended to the end of life. What I mean? Try each other more often to make pleasant surprises, and then you will be immensely happy throughout your life together. For you, young people!
Toasts with a wedding
 On this wonderful day, I want to wish young people a lot of such bright holidays, filled with mutual love and common happiness. And, separately, I raise the glass for the fact that soon we celebrated the addition in your family.
Toasts with a wedding
With the creation of your family,
May happiness fill all the days,
Let the whole universe be for you,
I wish many long years now!

I also want to live in prosperity,
And that you were happy with the marriage,
To understand each other always,
To love your life lived!
A fun, exciting video of the wedding dance, where there are many surprises. Write your feedback and comments after watching this video for a good mood.

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