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Girls with tattoo photos beautiful.
There is such profession – Tatu master – the specialist in drawing an art tattoo. So and in labor it will sound also.
The place of work to the Tat master – statu-salon.
Important qualities
The profession to the Tat master assumes abilities to drawing, creativity, good small motility, a good eye, good color perception.
Poor eyesight, problems of the musculoskeletal device, bad coordination of movements, infectious diseases are contraindications to a profession.
Knowledge and skills
Tatu master it is obliged to know and follow rules of sanitary safety, to be able to disinfect the tools. It needs to be able to draw, to be able to use a tattoo machine, to own technology of drawing drawing on skin, to know properties of dyes for a tattoo.
The master has to be able not think out, but also artly develop plots for a tattoo.
The serious master should watch new tendencies in art of a tattoo, to master new technologies.
Where learn
It is possible to become the master of a tattoo, having ended courses of an art tattoo

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