girls bathing in bathroom 1

girls bathing in bathroom 2

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Girls bathing in bathroom, they very much love the clean body! Looking at these photos you can’t not be happy for their diligence!
Girls bathing in bathroom.
Fully it is possible to relax and have a rest in a heat bath together with the curative salt, fragrant raging balls. Each ball contains the most valuable natural means – salt of the Dead Sea.
Curative properties of salts of the Dead Sea consist in environmentally friendly mix of 26 minerals and minerals. They have the regenerating and stimulating effect on skin, enrich skin micro and macrocells, increase elasticity of skin, promote removal of fatigue, calm at sleeplessness, stressful states, raise an organism tone, improve blood circulation and a metabolism, remove muscular stress.
Natural vegetable components also are a part: essential and vegetable oils, extracts of herbs and fruit, parts of plants, flower petals, herbs and many other things.
Each type of production possesses unique properties.
Balls for bathtubs with foam – will present plentiful, gentle, fragrant foam!
The balls for bathtubs enriched with the moisturizing oils will provide care and food of your skin already during reception of a bathtub. You will be pleasantly surprised with result!
2-3 times a week, procedure duration – 20 minutes are recommended to take salt aromatic baths.
Natural cosmetics – pleasure as a hobby and bodies

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