Girl-goddess with very dark skin, video

A girl from Sudan Anok Wye accidentally got to the camera of one photographer at a student festival and quickly became famous after the photo appeared in the men’s instagram. Ordinary users are delighted with its natural beauty, and some modeling agencies even began to hunt for it.19-year-old Anok Wye from Southern Sudan came to the US in 2000, and now studies biochemistry at Plymouth State University. As Yahoo writes, she recently spent the weekend at the festival at Howard University, where she was attracted by photographer Steve Hall. He took some photographs, two of which he later laid out in his instagram. Photo Anok attracted a lot of attention of other users and in three days collected almost 10 thousand likes. Another 20 thousand likes the girl got in her instagram, where there are not so many publications yet. “Beauty”. “She went on the Internet. I’m proud of you. ” “It takes a breath from her. The skin is like silk. ” “She’s stunning.” “It can not be more beautiful.” “A rare case of natural beauty. Well caught. ” Anok still hardly understands the scale of his unexpected popularity. All this attention and praise is difficult to comprehend. Such comments surprised me a lot. She still does not believe that she easily and quickly gained fame in certain circles. The photographer wrote down my data and said: “Today was a good day. There is a chance that several photos will become viral. ” I did not think much about it then. Just smiled and went on.

A fascinating and interesting video viewing of a dark-skinned girl with very dark skin. Write your feedback and comments after watching the video

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