Girl and motorcycles photos 1

Girl and motorcycles photos 2

Girl and motorcycles photos 3

Girl and motorcycles photos.
I love the motorcycle, but strange love
And headlights I am Java, remembered everything to pain
But it will always serve me as belief truth
And a grief – it does not matter, we will harmoniously live with it
But here the trouble from where came did not wait
Here one approached, asked about pedals
Then about a wardrobe trunk on a tank, then about the carburetor
I understood – everything, kill I rumple the moderator!
Now I as the moron, try to look in the face
About a female snake, the password you knew true
And as the dork I trudge on the first again
And the thread itches inside. and the soul burns down
You my lesson friends – remember for a long time
Kohl will approach “it” – drive the girl
Are not necessary to us, kisses are alien to us
And only in a dream sometimes I concern the gas handle
And again you with me, never forgot you

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