Funny wedding jokes, video

Wedding toasts and congratulations
To your family I wish good,
Congratulations on the occasion of the Wedding,
And that love in your family live,
For you, I raise my glass!

Harmony, wealth, money, good,
Peace to you, happiness, patience,
Cares to share you all in half,
And so that they do not torment doubts!
Wedding toasts and congratulations

So you became a family,
And for you today I,
Standing drinking!

Happiness to you and long years,
And to live richly,
And do not know you evil and misfortune,
What else do you want?

Ah, well, yes, more children,
Lovely and healthy,
Happy, good days,
Yes, and live by the sea!
Have fun and enjoy watching videos of jokes at the wedding for a good mood. Write your feedback and comments after watching this video.

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