Funny wedding jokes, video

Wedding toasts and congratulations
To your family I wish good,
Congratulations on the occasion of the Wedding,
And that love in your family live,
For you, I raise my glass!

Harmony, wealth, money, good,
Peace to you, happiness, patience,
Cares to share you all in half,
And so that they do not torment doubts!
Wedding toasts and congratulations

So you became a family,
And for you today I,
Standing drinking!

Happiness to you and long years,
And to live richly,
And do not know you evil and misfortune,
What else do you want?

Ah, well, yes, more children,
Lovely and healthy,
Happy, good days,
Yes, and live by the sea!
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  1. · the wishes of the couple to make the wedding for yourself, not for guests. For example, a couple may decide to celebrate your wedding without a Banquet with the purpose to spend the money saved on honeymoon or they just wish to spend this special day together or in a very narrow circle of friends.

  2. · continue the celebration with guests, but not in the format of Banquet.

  3. In fact, there is no fundamental difference in that, for whatever reason the couple decide to hold the wedding in this format — it’s their holiday and their desire. And do not be afraid of various expected responses of the invited guests — relatives and friends always support and understand, and the opinion of outsiders doesn’t matter.

  4. For an evening for two can make life a little romantic ideas for example, book a table at your favorite (or most expensive) restaurant to get a hotel room, take an evening boat trip or book a flight on a private jet. Couples preferring extreme, can jump with a parachute or hot air balloon rides. In General to make a holiday of love.

  5. For those who don’t want to part with the property, you can consider to go with them to the country, to organize gatherings around the campfire, young people can also visit the nightclub. Not last can be also a variant with a festive dinner at home in the circle of parents and close relatives.

  6. A wedding without a Banquet: ideas for reducing costs

  7. Wedding at all times was and continues to be a special celebration that requires substantial expenditure. However, modern couples every year try to approach its organization with the greater rationality and pragmatism, resulting in the familiar scenario of the holiday vary slightly. One of such popular innovations was a wedding without the Banquet, to arrange which, with considerable savings in budget, but without any damage to the holiday. The main thing — correctly to prepare and carefully consider the alternative scenario.

  8. As noted earlier, ideas wedding Banquet without many began to appear due to the lack of the couple sufficient funds to carry them out or because of a desire to save the family budget. And actually, in many ways, these decisions are justified.

  9. After the official part of the usual wedding day schedule can be changed.

  10. There may be several different options depending on future developments:

  11. To be or not to be the Banquet — the reasons for the refusal from the big feast

  12. · if the couple plans to visit only the registry office, and then guests are sent home, and the couple is on a honeymoon, then it will be enough to organize a symbolic celebration with champagne and sweets in a separate room of the Registrar, which will not take more than half an hour;

  13. Despite the fact that the wedding is considered a celebration of two people who love each other and want to unite their lives that come to share their family and friends, sometimes it seems that actually everything is done more for guests. Date chosen so that all could attend the wedding, time and place — so everyone can get to, the restaurant and the menu — to please everyone, the toastmaster invited — the guests are not bored, etc.

  14. · if, after painting, the couple plan to spend the hotel combines a walk and a photo shoot, you will have more thoroughly takes care of the guests. For example, you can organize a small reception in a separate room of the registry office or in a café nearby. If the weather allows, you can also use the services of catering companies to prepare the buffet in the nature. When all will satisfy your hunger with new strength you can go for a walk;

  15. But, even considering all the positive aspects of such a scenario and the corresponding decrease of trouble in the organization, many couples, though I want to, but it is difficult to abandon long-established traditions and afraid to offend anyone with this decision of property, and in the end to ruin the entire wedding.

  16. · as the idea of a wedding without a party you can use a traditional scenario of a European wedding. Then after the ceremony in the registry office the couple together with the guests go to not a long walk combined with a photo shoot, and then assume a buffet table. In fact it’s the same Banquet, but in a much smaller scale. It lasts no more than a couple hours, self-service is provided or invited several of the waiters. All guests sit where they are comfortable, move, communicate. In this format there is no need to master of ceremonies, and the backdrop for can be live music. At the end of the reception the guests depart and the newlyweds go on their honeymoon.

  17. · In continuation of the wedding day without even planning a celebratory Banquet can be plenty of different options — a walk in the Park, excursions to castles, staged photo shoot, camping, etc. the Main idea of a good script — creating a holiday for yourself, no need to forget about the guests, their needs and mood or reviews wedding without a Banquet will definitely not positive.

  18. For this decision, other than the implied rationality, often need other reasons, for example:

  19. · the lack of sufficient material resources for the organization worthy of a full meal is better to abandon it altogether than to put people in empty tables or feed substandard products;

  20. · short time of preparation in which there is no possibility and time to enjoy the room to discuss the menu or prepare treats;

  21. At the Banquet has not only a significant part of the wedding budget, but a good half of the entire celebration. Replace it with a walk to the night or to finish all the celebration for dinner — seems a very appealing prospect. Therefore, newlyweds should think over how to spend the evening after the wedding. In this issue there are only two generalized variant in which you can realize the most different ideas:

  22. · the evidence of the fact that the Banquet does not pay off, which can cause discomfort, as the couple and the guests who can’t make a more valuable gift;

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