Funny wedding jokes, a video of laughter.

Wedding toasts and congratulations
You know, many say that after the wedding, all romance leaves the relationship, and only the gray days remain. I want to tell you that everything depends on you. Remember this always, because how you will build your own, now family, life – this will be the result. Happiness to you, and let that flame that burns between you anywhere, will never disappear!
Wedding toasts and congratulations
Today we are here to witness the beginning of the path of two remarkable people. Of the 7 billion people on the planet, these two chose each other. They are destined to become parents of wonderful children who will change the world for the better. Parents and relatives of each of them can be calm – this young family will protect each other and always support in difficult life situations. Let’s raise glasses for the health of the newlyweds and other blessings! Long and happy years of living together!
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  1. The choice of the photographer we had was obvious, as was the familiar photographer, called Peacock. A very kind person who helped us a lot, not bothered to spend the holiday, as some photographers. The bride arrived at 8.20, although check in was at 11.50, and left at 23.45. Now waiting for photos, they will be done in 3 months.

  2. Again thank you all, You are the best team of professionals!

  3. Caribean Wedding organized our amazing wedding! My husband was pleased with absolutely everything! Good organisation, everything on time and just in time. Special thanks to Alice for organizing the ceremony and for the photos by Nik Vacuum. Nicholas is a true professional of his craft, prompted not only how to get into photography, but explained the psychology of the movements, in General, stocked up with your husband tips for future joint photo shoots. Well, the photos turned out fabulous, and sent us them in 2 weeks. Didn’t have to wait for several months, as happens at weddings in Russia. As for the venue, I recommend everyone to go to Saona island. The island nature reserve of great beauty! Here, you and the white sand and blue water, all very nice. I recommend to choose an Agency Caribean Wedding for a wedding in the Dominican Republic!

  4. Greetings from snowy Siberia))) Yesterday received the latest news from the Dominican Republic and write, finally, his podzaderzhalisj opinion))) We never wanted a Russian wedding, when I told about my dream future husband, he confessed that he too wanted such a ceremony. We were constantly rescheduled, wanted in Feb 2014, then pushed to April, October, so a year has passed… finally decided to sign date Dating 13.12.14 and immediately fly to the Dominican Republic.

  5. Dear guys!!! Sorry I’m so late writing a review!!! But the experience is still overflowing!!! Irina, nick, Alisa, Dima — thank you so much for the wonderful, magical, divine wedding on the Paradise island of SAONA !!! Beautiful design of the wedding, it is that we dreamed of…White-turquoise colors combined with the gorgeous Caribbean sea has done its job — the PHOTOS are INSANELY BEAUTIFUL !!! special thanks for this Nicholas..it’s not just professional, but also heartfelt, sincere man..He was able to set us on our holiday that when you view the photos we relive that day again and again!!!

  6. After the Barber could not come on her hair, as he got to the hospital, found on avito girl hairdresser. Called, learned the price, which surprised us and scared as for their services, the girl asked for 800 rubles, this price includes the hair and the road ( the other barbers take from 1500 rubles, plus 500 road)

  7. Afraid that this will not be much, but the haircut was just what the bride wanted, kept until the end of the Banquet.

  8. Dmitry, the videographer, the man itself is a holiday, but from his jokes the next day my cheeks)))) Thank you for the beautiful, delicate video…Awesome, friendly atmosphere !!! THANK YOU — YOU ARE GREAT !!!

  9. In the Dominican Republic we met with Alice, agreed date 21.12.14 and all sorts of stuff, she reassured us, said that everything will be fine))) And it really was great))) most of all I was pleased with my husband))) He steadfastly withstood all day and never complained, although very tired and the whole situation for him was unusual. More emotions was the fact that he gave a ride behind the wheel of a Pontiac from the beach to the hills, Parajon.

  10. Alice — a monument of you for your patience, repairing the hair, the dressing up wedding dress and veil..Every nuance was taken into account..When you said it — happy tears flowed by themselves…These are the emotions that you gave us the ceremony will never be forgotten!!! THANK you !!!

  11. At least on us and joked about red color, because we definitely need was a red helicopter, car, bouquet, arch, and St. sorry red horse was not))) We want to say thank you to everyone who participated and helped us in this day! Oleg for the video, when he removed us from the trunk of the rider in front of us, the car was cool))) video no simulated feelings, staged poses, etc. All we wanted! Camille thanks for the photo! Thank you for her unusual personality and looks! Alice, we called her Bambi for the good eyes! So ethereal and a good man! Thank You All All All!!! Horse Diamond, red machine and its owner, the stylist, the florist, the helipad, the boy who cleaned the seaweed off the beach))) the Bakers who made delicious cake!!! I want the recipe!!!

  12. Hello everyone!!!)))) I want to Express my gratitude Caribean Wedding! You are very, very cool! You gave us an unforgettable experience on all our lives. Irinochka, thank you very much, that answered all my numerous questions.Thank you Alice for hosting our wedding ceremony and as you cool we picked a color arcs (that is what I wanted), we are very pleased to have met you. Our wedding ceremony was postponed 2 times because of rain, but on the third time the weather took pity on us and sent us the radiant sun. Thank you guys that waited with us these rays of the sun!!! Stylist — Olga Barmina made me a beauty! A huge thanks to our photographer (Lisa Braginskaya). Lisa, you are super man, you are a super professional! Our ceremony turned out very tender and touching. Right now I want to buy a ticket to the Dominican Republic and all again))) we Wish your company the best of luck and prosperity! Again a huge huge thank you for the story you gave us!) All hugs, kisses! I will recommend you to their friends)

  13. I would also like to thank Olga Barmina for the delicate makeup, beautiful hair, and most importantly strong =))) Reached the Saône — lossless)))))) THANK you !!!


  15. I want to Express my gratitude to all the team Caribean Wedding that we have organized the wedding 21.01.2015 in beautiful Sunny Dominican Republic!)It was so cool that words can not convey.I want to go back and repeat!Huge thanks to Irina for the excellent organization,for the reason that promptly answered all the questions! A huge thank you Olechka for hair and makeup,made me a real Princess! Alice you’re a wonder!thank you for your touching speech,for organizing this important day)many thanks to the videographer)))Turned out a whole mini movie)a Huge thank you to photographer Nicholas for the photos and slide show)Just a professional in their field)How it was all romantic in this day vows on the ocean,the sand…and what A beautiful and delicious the cake was!)Guys once again thank You very much!!!!Good luck,prosperity and more weddings)You are super!!!!

  16. We will be… Wait for better times for painting will not, since we have a baby coming… deep down, I hope that the anniversary will celebrate as it should be (although, the likelihood is great, then that won’t work either).

  17. A little over a month, the emotions are gone, but still have the warmest and vivid memories that will never be forgotten. Everyone, if in doubt have a wedding in Russia or the Dominican Republic, definitely for the second and with SV!

  18. Yes, pregnancy is, of course, forces me to hurry. I too thought that the anniversary will be something special, and now very hard and can’t remember how we spent the day))) I Remember that the two of us and all)

  19. Thank you so much for our wedding ceremony! It was a real Caribbean dream! Still can’t believe this was happening! The moment when the dream becomes a reality — is neither an incomparable feeling! Thank you that you are, you are doing real magic! Thank you Olya for the wonderful hair and make-up! Thank you to the amazing Anastasia Knyazeva for such live, awesome beautiful, just gorgeous photos! This is the best photographer we’ve ever worked with! And how it works, how it is absorbed by the process is just something! Her photo we liked it so much that became the main idea in the design of our room! Nastya – you’re the best!!!! Once again thank you for our beautiful wedding dream so accurately and artfully embodied in a reality!

  20. Just returned to cold, grey Peter, I looked at the photos from the ceremony and immediately became warm and Sunny! Thank you very much to all the team! Irina, thank You for your patience, for answering my , sometimes super stupid questions, thank you very much Alice! When she spoke, I again poured crocodile tears, it was very cute and touching! And of course THANK you to our most wonderful photographer!!! Thanks to him, our photos and the ceremony itself was lively, sincere and super positive! At first I was surprised when Nicholas began to crawl on the ground and us photograph )))))))but then when I saw the pictures, I realized how much picked up view) felting were not in vain! I was able to watch the ceremony from the hotel (Bavaro Princess) and the next, everything is relative, just heaven and earth! Thanks again!!

  21. I want to Express huge gratitude to You! I honestly didn’t even expect it to be so cool) everything was just PERFECT! Very worried, you exceeded all our expectations!

  22. I want to Express huge gratitude to the whole team who organised our holiday 24.01.2015 and made it gorgeous and unforgettable!! I was very afraid that something will go wrong. Zadolbali Ira per month with their questions, sometimes stupid, but she is always consistently and patiently answered. Stylist — Olga Barmina — just super. This is very important when you hear! Did the makeup and hair exactly as I wanted. Agree, very rare!)) Well, the photographer Nik Vacuum is just a master of his craft..Girls, for photos only to him, save for anything,if necessary, on the cake, on the choice of the beach, but not in the pictures!!!The best wedding photographer and just a wonderful person, very relaxed and positive photo shoot we had! All guys are the professionals. Today were reviewing photos and videos and emotions came flooding back again!! Thank You, friends, for our PERFECT wedding!!!!

  23. Choosing between the two most popular Russian wedding agencies in the Dominican Republic to conduct their modest celebration. Chose sensitive, browsing photos and comparing prices… had 2 friends, each of whom spoke about their Agency, but on balance, and also thanks to the polite and responsive Irina, stopped the choice on the SV, which is, of course, not a bit sorry. thanks Irina for your detailed answers to my questions and advice! (Curator of the second Agency answered questions stiffly and slowly).

  24. Thank You very much))) so much that my husband and I decided every year you “”get married””!””

  25. p/s. we decided that it would not last our wedding with you!))))

  26. In celebration day all was left to chance, everything was done even our most ridiculous requests! Thanks our sweet good beautiful Natalia! (the girl right make me love you)

  27. Our choice was very long and looked more than 30 options for our date on 21 November, the cost was 12, 000 to 37 000. From the variety of suggestions we liked the two people, Olga Martynov and Irina Dubovitskaya, chose from these two fine leading, have made their choice in favor of Oli.

  28. The lovely Olga Barmina did an amazing hairstyle and natural makeup, glued cilia, helped to dress, all in a very good-natured atmosphere (Hello parrot heads!).

  29. We also join all of the above, thanks guys you are truly the best!!!THANK you making our Wedding Ceremony (09.12.2014 in cap Cana) memorable and fabulous!!! Choosing the Agency for a month and a half before the wedding, had clearly opted for a Caribbean Wedding-such a stunning design is no longer anybody!!insanely beautiful arches, fresh flowers, a huge selection of scenarios and different places to hold ceremonies.Eyes ran, and certainly have not yet decided what we want, there were a lot of questions, THANK you so much Irina for all the replies and comments!

  30. Upon arrival in the Dominican Republic we were greeted by a lovely girl Alice, after discussing with her all of the details of the upcoming event, we were absolutely calm and confident that I made the right choice!Alice, we called her our wedding fairy)) and THANK you for all your hard work and touching speech at the ceremony! As for hair and makeup (I was very worried how it will turn out, because in advance to choose it was not possible) — a great miracle worker Olga brought such beauty!!! it turned out even better than I expected (on the phone kept a few photos with hairstyles from the Internet), THANKS a lot!!! and the hair is kept till the next day)))

  31. Arrived at the beach were pleasantly surprised with the training! The mood of seeing this beautiful rose to 100%! Arch stood in the shade all day and was not hot.

  32. and of course a HUGE THANK you to this professional, photographer Nicholas ( Nik Vacuum), the photo is just magical!!!I still remember his jokes during the photo shoot and laugh)

  33. A word about the photographer, who cannot be called just a photographer! Nicholas is just the best, besides, autumn is a versatile and interesting person. All day Nick was leading, and photographer, as well as gave advice to a videographer… As noted by the husband, without it, the celebration was not a wedding. Thanks to him, it was just our day, interesting, fabulous, everything was for us! Can’t even imagine our wedding day with another photographer, how lucky we are!!!

  34. November 21 was our wedding, and we want to thank our wonderful leading Olga and her husband DJ Vladimir! Even at our first meeting Olga, we just fascinated, I immediately found an approach to us and put us at ease. The entire program was coordinated with the us, considering our wishes, and advising how best to do. The wedding was a great success, all the guests were very pleased. Olga supported a truly relaxed atmosphere, was able to feel the entire wedding watching (and listening to our needs and) when you need to give the guests to eat, when to go out for a smoke, when to congratulate young ones when to hold contests and disco. I want to emphasize the disco: music, light show, strobe, smoke, and the music we liked and guests during the disco almost all the guests were dancing at the tables was sitting a unit! By the way, among the guests were half smokers, but went out to smoke very rarely and only briefly! In competitions too, with all the fun involved! If someone is looking for a lead for his wedding, and wants to make your wedding fun, modern, young, dynamic, highly recommend Olga, you will not regret it!!!

  35. Will add my 5 cents, she came in the cafe for 2.5 hours before the start, helped her parents set the table after it was ready, sent us SMS that almost everything is ready. Due to snow we had to change plans urgently called Ola and reported that the loaf will not have parents, and at the wedding. All the guests liked Olga, very sincere and kind person. Two days before the wedding, the girl’s hairdresser was in the hospital and we urgently needed a replacement, gratis Olga helped us in the search

  36. Thanks also to videographer Dmitry! Coincidentally, but the video put to the music of one of my favorite modern singers)))

  37. In short, our Wedding was incredible, romantic, and passed in one breath! THANK you, Caribbean Wedding, you give people happiness and an unforgettable experience!

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