Funny wedding jokes, a video of laughter.

Wedding toasts and congratulations
You know, many say that after the wedding, all romance leaves the relationship, and only the gray days remain. I want to tell you that everything depends on you. Remember this always, because how you will build your own, now family, life – this will be the result. Happiness to you, and let that flame that burns between you anywhere, will never disappear!
Wedding toasts and congratulations
Today we are here to witness the beginning of the path of two remarkable people. Of the 7 billion people on the planet, these two chose each other. They are destined to become parents of wonderful children who will change the world for the better. Parents and relatives of each of them can be calm – this young family will protect each other and always support in difficult life situations. Let’s raise glasses for the health of the newlyweds and other blessings! Long and happy years of living together!
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