Funny photos beautiful women on yachts 1

Funny photos beautiful women on yachts 2

Funny photos beautiful women on yachts 3

Funny photos beautiful women on yachts.

Splashes the sea it is lazy a wave,
Solon that wave as tear.
Bears a cap of foam over itself,
And under a cap turquoise is visible …

Pebble coastal whispers something,
This whisper goes to centuries.
In a bay the yacht waits for someone long ago –
It is snow-white, beautiful, easy…

Someone perhaps does not know this,
That long ago the yacht dreams dream:
To put out to sea where wind walks,
And fog disperses gray-haired.

For now only scratch of an anchor chain
Something echoes a wave in unison.
Seamen dream mountains and steppes,
The seas the sigh or groan is heard.

Soon the yacht, cutting a wave,
Gracefully will leave a bay.
The tea in air will rise pack,
Saying goodbye to it for day or year…

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