Funny photo beautiful women on yachts 1

Funny photo beautiful women on yachts 2

Funny photo beautiful women on yachts 3

Funny photo beautiful women on yachts
. Yacht trip
Again wind curls a flag,
Sails stretched.
Overland courage,
Dries a mat on lips.
Drop splashes, rag splashes,
Everything was got on a look,
From the movement it is not sweet,
On desperate to the course.
It prudent – a pennant,
And coward – a jamb.
Forward stroke, far more simply,
It is necessary to go tacks.
By all means as tipper-of,
To watch rushes.
Fresh – a flat sail blows,
The wave will not keep up.
I observe a list degree,
He is an ally and relatives.
The yacht gathers speed,
Covering with a shadow a patch of light.
I one keep watch,
As if gallant conductor.
Adjusting races of passion,
The female hand waves,
As false misfortunes,
Coast vanish.
In total by the sun, all on luster,
Mast in an image of dream.
With a naked torso of the ragamuffin,
I burn all the boats.
About meter eighty growth
I will find for the deaf mooring,
That small, but island,
Both of us rocked to sleep.

Nearby smells of hair,
That fellow traveler from the best.
SOS signals are not necessary,
Do not rescue our souls

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