Funny moments at the wedding, incendiary video

A wedding is the birthday of a new family. I wish your family on its birthday be strong and inseparable. Let it be replenished with new members – kids: girls and boys. Let it always reign peace, peace, understanding and love. And let your family ahead is not one anniversary and not one anniversary. Happy marriage to you!
Cheerful viewing and fine mood when watching this video of jokes at the wedding.

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  1. Summer is the newlyweds favorite period because there is a possibility to sign under the open sky in a flower arch, vowing to each other eternal love in the best traditions of Hollywood.

  2. · scorching sun: a walk will need to stock up on liters of water, and the bride constantly monitor the make-up;

  3. However, note that pleasure is not cheap – will have to rent:

  4. · Now often arrange buffet tables with snacks in addition to the classic meal for guests to eat while dancing, competitions or congratulations. Also for summer wedding menu can include mini-bar with cocktails. On the wedding outdoors should be aware that salads with mayonnaise can quickly spoil, and chocolate or buttercream on the cake can melt and leak.

  5. · queues: in the registry office, a café, a fitting dress and suit tailoring;

  6. Summer brings unlimited possibilities of choice of location for the celebration, including on the water. By going for the Banquet on the yacht or at least a walk instead of traditional sightseeing, you can get not only unforgettable impressions and adrenaline, but also stunning photos of summer wedding amid the water. This variant is suitable for weddings with a small number of guests, none of whom suffers from seasickness.

  7. · fruit basket and other components of a picnic;

  8. Dress code for walk on water involves light clothes and no heels. On Board you will need to invite DJ’s and enjoy a buffet that will suit snacks, kebabs, fresh fruits, alcohol and plenty of soft drinks. Registration can be done independently of balloons and ribbons, or to use the services of decorators: any script summer weddings really bring not only in the hall and on the ship.

  9. · high prices: all wedding services in the summer are much more expensive.

  10. · Summer brings endless amount of possibilities for organizing a magical wedding at any place of the globe: on the water, outdoors, in the restaurant and even in the air!

  11. · improvised from rope and wood swing fastened to the branch of a tree;

  12. Luxurious wedding party can be organized on the boat, if funds allow and guests quite a lot. In this case, you will need to invite the host, so nobody got bored. Walking on water can become a worthy replacement as a walk, after which all will go to continue the fun in the restaurant or the summer terrace for weddings, and full party with contests and dances. Importantly, do not forget to bring along a photographer to capture the unforgettable moments of your wedding on the water.

  13. Well, if the decision is made finally and irrevocably, that we need to start preparing for the summer wedding in about six months: to book a restaurant, a presenter, a photographer and video operator. The fact that this season’s good people are starting to enjoy the autumn, and in spring all the summer months are already planned for the holidays.

  14. The dress is also better to buy before prices have risen to spring: a new collection go on sale in January.

  15. Regardless of where the wedding is held indoors or outdoors, on the festive table should be:

  16. All the secrets of the perfect wedding day in the summer

  17. As props you can use false mustaches, hats, lips, and glasses; soap bubbles; balloons. It is possible to capture how the couple will be releasing a kite (only need to practice), playing football, horse-riding, karting, boat or children’s rides. Using any of these ideas for a photo shoot in the summer, you can get stunningly beautiful and original images are not your friends.

  18. · plenty of snacks: canapes and tartlets – summer diverge a Bang;

  19. Extremely cute photos in the summer you can obtain Pets that you can take with you for a while on the walk, and horses: an ideal background in this case would be an open field or forest plantation. And of course don’t forget about your little guests, be sure to take a picture with your friends or relatives.

  20. You should try to take advantage of the opportunities which gives a warm time of year to ride a Bicycle instead of a limousine, arrange marriage registration is the Registrar, and dinner on the veranda, instead of a stuffy café, as well as to go kart racing or hot air balloon. In summer, the honeymooners fantasy has no limits, except their budget.

  21. · Buffet table of Course, all this can be done independently, then the costs will be much less, but the service-site registration, especially in the summer, or decorating a wedding Agency is very expensive. But the couple can choose their desired time of marriage, to read the prepared vows and a Banquet nearby, ordering catering, and get scenic photos summer wedding outdoors.

  22. In America, even babies are hired for a photo shoot to pass the walkway and spilling rose petals from the basket.

  23. How to hold a summer wedding: relevant subjects

  24. The period from June to September is the most popular with newlyweds: good weather allows to implement any, even the most extraordinary ideas for summer wedding. Before you decide to hold a summer wedding, you need to understand that in addition to the beautiful weather and opportunities the couple may face some difficulties…

  25. · Registration in the registry office does not require any extra costs will have to once again call for evidence – it will be given immediately after the official part. In the classic version of marriage also has its advantages: it is the sense of the importance and the seriousness of the moment, and hence the awareness of their responsibility for the pitch perfect.

  26. Newlyweds usually are seriously thinking about how to conduct a wedding in the summer, because the eyes just run away from all the possible options, what to choose? First, you must decide to which most belong to the soul: some sort of joint occupation or hobby, and maybe the culture of a particular nation, which will determine the future scenario summer wedding.

  27. Warm and generous on the sun’s rays time of year allows you to arrange the celebration indoors, and outdoors. Traditional celebrations in the restaurant – not a bad idea for summer wedding, especially if they have an outdoor area where you can put Chinese balls or fireworks. In the hall usually always have air conditioning, so guests young and will feel most comfortable.

  28. · light salads with a dressing of olive oil instead of mayonnaise;

  29. For example, wreaths of wild flowers and dances – the prerogative of the Ukrainian wedding, flamenco and red – Spanish, cocktails and beads made from flowers – Hawaiian, seafood and Laurel wreaths Greek.

  30. Just keep in mind that the registration procedure in the registry office in the summer of lasts shorter than in other times of the year, as the number of pairs is much greater.

  31. · fruits – they can also serve as a decoration;

  32. The second best option is the restaurant with summer terrace for wedding party: usually with a wonderful view of the surrounding nature, or water, the veranda can be placed not only on the ground floor, but on the second level or the roof of the cafe: in this case, the celebration will decorate a magnificent panorama of the city. The fresh air will feel great, with no problems with comfort.

  33. Green landscapes and clear blue skies – the perfect backdrop for the photo wedding in summer: it could be city parks, and the river, and deserted field, for example, with sunflowers, and even a haystack. If you decide to hold a traditional photo shoot of a wedding in summer is about memorable places, ask your photographer to shoot your walk, instead of doing staged shots – so you can get lively, positive and interesting images.

  34. · heat: the bride may be hard to endure all day in a lush dress with tight-drawn tight corset;

  35. Now very often the couple when deciding where to celebrate your wedding in the summer, go for a hostel or in a rented country house. In this case, guests will not have to re-gather the next day, because everyone can stay in the house, and you can never go and walk until the morning. It is also possible to arrange a summer wedding in a village away from the bustle of the city, the only problem in this case is the transfer of guests back and forth or their placement.

  36. After selecting a location for the photo, it must be beautiful to obtain, for example:

  37. Now you can get married in any place: for this there is a catering service that includes the organization of exit restaurant where the couple want. Experts will provide tents, tables, chairs, Cutlery, service staff, music, toilets and everything. However, this service is not cheap, so beautifully decorated verandah for the wedding will be much more profitable.

  38. · rain: in the summer it can be difficult to predict, although it is a good sign;

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