Funny moments at the wedding. A video of laughter.

Wedding toasts
The wedding day is the beginning of the joint path. Consider that you have nullified your life and your life experience. In the future, only on you depends the quality and fullness of life events. Save those feelings and respect for each other that led you to today.
Funny toasts for the wedding
They say that marriages are made in heaven. Today, on your wedding day, I wish your union to keep the heavens, and all life’s difficulties and worldly problems let you be uncomfortable. Love one another and be happy all your life.

Here comes a beautiful day, when two loving hearts come together, and I raise my glass for your union. And that nothing could separate you, I want to tell you about three small truths. The first is attention: always be attentive to each other. The second is development: always develop. You, the groom, develop your courage, and you, the bride, develop your femininity in order to always fascinate each other. And the third is trust. Trust each other, believe in the better side of your second half, and then this side of your half will be addressed to you!
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  1. 6. What if the groom or one of the guests strongly get drunk and ruin the night?

  2. 4. On the walk, someone has to organize all – it can be witness, father or father-in-law;

  3. · Trust him to choose something for wedding, for example, a wedding procession;

  4. · No shipping issues favorite wedding ever: you also need to devote time to joint leisure and distracted by conversation, for example, how was your day at work.

  5. 5. On arrival in the cafe, someone has to guide guests to the Seating plan and see that all took their seats.

  6. If fears before the wedding the bride and groom are still present, is to organize a joint dinner on the eve of the celebration and to reminisce about meeting, first date, you can also tell your partner that it attracts you the most. Mutual recognition and good memories will help to understand the correctness of the decision.

  7. Dale Carnegie offers a technique to calm the nerves, it will help relieve stress before the wedding to think of what happened the worst: the groom was late to the Registrar, father-in-law was drunk, and the witness spilled wine on a wedding dress and make it, accept it. After that, according to the psychologist, the brain will work efficiently, not paying attention to the natural excitement. Actually, not everything always depends on us, and to anticipate all possible problems, so eliminate them is simply impossible. So you need to calm down, to do the necessary training and to give love to his elect, and not claims that can lead to stress before the wedding the man.

  8. 3. Will I be able to sacrifice time spent with friends, shopping or personal matters?

  9. · It is not necessary to suppress future husband in terms of wedding issues – that could really offend and hurt a man to lose interest in the celebration and inward.

  10. 4. How not to cement in some household chores and not to turn into a plain housewife?

  11. · To go with my girlfriends shopping or in a café.

  12. So, what to do with the stress before the wedding? Need a break from constant training, to relax and to remember that with you the best and favorite man ever.

  13. Girls find strength to restrain their impulses for the wedding, and emotional balance of your men provided. In the hustle and bustle don’t forget that the most important thing is your Union, not the glitz and glamour of the wedding held, it’s just one day, and a whole life ahead that I must not spoil excessive vanity and nervousness. It is also worth considering that fear of the wedding, the groom may arise from-for unwillingness to be in front of the views of hundreds of people and camera flashes.

  14. These simple steps will help to relieve the stress before the wedding day the bride. In addition, the need to spend more time with your partner, and not touching the wedding. The best option would be to go somewhere for fresh air and a picnic and a walk in the woods, where you can also shoot and love story. In any case, it is necessary to periodically distracted from preparing for the wedding and to do other equally important things or just relax. In this part of its responsibilities in preparing the celebration can be shifted to the witness, husband, mother or mother-in-law.

  15. Wedding planning is a whole job in our country is usually performed by the bride along with their normal duties – it is natural in such a situation, the body begins to experience severe stress. Besides, marriage is a serious step, think of the correctness of which may also drive a person into a corner and bring to apathy or depression before the wedding, her symptoms include the following:

  16. Men need to cope with the fear of responsibility, because if it is present, so this issue is of concern to the head of the family and will not give up. Family – is the rear of the men, and the wife is not a burden, and a loyal helper that will not leave a difficult minute and will help in word and deed. This means that together a couple wishing to seal their ties of marriage, all the way, and the fear before the wedding the groom is temporary and can be resolved.

  17. 6. Will not betray me husband: change/leave alone with the child will be deprived of property?

  18. 7. Does the fact that I’m afraid to get married that I don’t love your man?

  19. How and what memories from the wedding will stay away from you and guests largely depends on the mood of the newlyweds. The bride and groom, this day is become the universal object of attention and admiration, and a pair of dull or nervous will only cause pity and sympathy. You need to enjoy every moment of this momentous event, because one day going by so fast, so will need to surrender each moment of your wedding without wasting time and nerves on it.

  20. The endless bustle, the problems associated with the preparation for the wedding can frustrate even the most resistant woman’s mind, because in the head so many questions:

  21. Doubt and fear before the wedding a woman of any age is absolutely normal, because it suggests that she consciously coming to this decision, and understands how important this is. To provide all turns of fate is impossible, but if you decided to go for this person to get married, most likely you did everything right. And in the future your destiny will be decided only by your mutual care, attention, respect and love each other.

  22. 1. How to do everything before the wedding day, because there is still so much trouble?

  23. Fears before the wedding women related to domestic issues usually do not exist if the couple had the opportunity to live together, because after the wedding, life together and not much will change. Otherwise, do not worry, because men in modern society are often easily takes over half of the household responsibilities, especially if the woman also works.

  24. So as not to be nervous on the wedding, if the head so many thoughts and questions? On the eve of the wedding need to sleep, it is possible to drink two tablets of Valerian. Also should give yourself installation that everything possible has been done, I’m not afraid to get married, the next day is the happiest day in your life, even if it is not quite perfect, it will help relieve stress before the wedding day the bride. To avoid the bustle of the wedding day in advance to assign responsibility for the wedding and to alert them to the limits of their powers bride for nothing didn’t bother.

  25. 2. Where to find appropriate dress/shoes/glasses that need?

  26. To cope with this condition quite possibly, if things went too far. This requires relaxation and distraction procedures:

  27. 1. Assign the responsibility of organizing a bachelorette party, this is usually the witness or close friends of the bride. At this time, it will be easy to assemble, fix the hair and make-up, without any distractions;

  28. 3. Why husband/mother in law/mother doesn’t agree with my choice of color design of the hall, and I am afraid to marry not as always dreamed of?

  29. A man often beset by a less extensive fears: that the limitations in the provision of attention of the opposite sex and have a burden for the financial and emotional responsibility, and sometimes the fear of the imminent appearance of the offspring. Also takes place to be the stress before the wedding day the men of the following nature: if a woman is actively preparing for the wedding, not considering the opinion of the groom, so it might scare him and force him to think about that in the future his opinion will remain behind the scenes.

  30. 4. Where to find more money when the budget has already been spent?

  31. 2. The mother may be asked to organize the reception for the guests and conduct them to the buffet table;

  32. · To calm down will help herbal tea, Valerian or motherwort;

  33. Oddly enough, this question before marriage are not only men but also women. In the latter case it is often associated with stress before the wedding: what to do when the brain is so overloaded, that is no longer able to think properly…

  34. · To include in the diet fresh fruits and vegetables;

  35. 5. Suddenly, the bouquet is ugly, the groom was late to the Registrar, and the little children stomp train wedding dresses?

  36. In addition, the girl can worry the following questions:

  37. · To consult with her future husband, showing that his opinion is important to you;

  38. 3. Give the Seating chart on the machines to those who will see that all had enough seats;

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