Free photo beautiful woman on sand 1

Free photo beautiful woman on sand 2

Free photo beautiful woman on sand 3

Free photo beautiful woman on sand.
Sea, sun and sand,
Lives long-long term,
The beach and the house ashore –
All I can dream of.
And wife, two children,
Every day with them and with it.
At night with the wife love,
Every instant, as meeting again.
Three hours – pleasant term,
As always could not fall asleep,
And the wife sleeping breath.
Everything is fine, better not.
There comes the old age of years.
Children ran up.
To the wife, the daughter has a son the husband.
But always they here,
Where sun, house, sand, water,
Come to stay for a while,
Tea to drink, talk,
To remember the pleasure childhood,
Sea, splashes, pranks.
Everything is fine at me,
Such is my dream

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