Famous stars, Blondes or brunettes How is it better

Celebrities who decided to repaint themselves from brunettes to blondes (or vice versa). Recolor from a brunette to a blonde is a risky business and not always justified. After all, if you, black as pitch, discolor your hair, then their quality definitely will not improve. They will become brittle and dry. But, in the end, can a woman allow herself to experiment? Like Kim Kardashian, for example. Her blond curls caused an incredible amount of controversy. Some users of the network felt that she was a real beauty with any shade of hair, others said that the blond does not resemble the colorimetry of Kim Kardashian, the third rushed to compare it with Justin Bieber. In short, everyone remained at his own opinion. In fact, of blondes in blondes and back many stars were painted. But why go far? Our beloved Jennifer Lawrence also visited both banks. Miley Cyrus, after changing her image, became a platinum blonde, Rihanna, and Demi Lovato, and Emma Roberts, and Scarlett Johansson, and Anna Semenovich Christina Aguilera, Nastya Kamenskih, Valeria Angelina Jolie Polina Gagarina Jennifer Aniston Cameron Diaz Beyonce Britney Spears Lindsay Lohan El Fanning Chloe Moretz Margot Robbie Olivia Wild Anne Hathaway Rachel McAdams Kristen Stewart Madonna Maria Kozhevnikova Layton Mister And Jessica Alba, too, was repainted from a brunette to a blonde
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