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Cute girl and tiger photos.
The ballad about the woman and a tiger (the TOAST FOR WOMEN) Is a parable mountain that the daughter Complained to the mother once Of the husband as if he is often At the woman another. And mother told: “Well, it, daughter, reparably. Only You bring me two-three hairs, But not usual two-three hairs, And from moustaches tigerish pull out them”. – Yes that you, mother! – the daughter was frightened. – And you try – drew mother – You are a woman, you all have to be able! The daughter reflected for a long time. Then Killed a ram, and with a piece of Mutton went to the deep wood, And there in an ambush of the village of a tiger to wait. Here the tiger saw the woman. Vzjyaryonny, Growling, he threw jumps to it. Then she to it threw meat, Itself in fear escaped away. And the next day again came here, And again the tiger was thrown to it vzjyaryonny. But, having thrown meat to a tiger, this time She did not escape, and stood, without moving, watched how he eats. For the third day, having seen it with meat, the Tiger joyfully hammered with a tail http://mylove.ru/groups/stihi/ballada-o-jenshine-i-tigre/. It seems that He waited already for it this time. And the woman directly Fed now a tiger from a palm. For the fourth day, having seen it, the tiger towards to it, All is captured by pleasure, ran up. And, having eaten a piece of mutton, he laid down. And Blissfully put the head on female knees, and dozed off. Here the woman seized minute, And pulled out quietly from moustaches Three, maybe, four hairs, And brought them to mother home. “Well, here – mother told – you subdued wild Such animal as a tiger. Now go and tame the husband Either cunning, or caress as you will manage. Remember, there is in the man everyone a tiger!”. So, for women! That in them pined Both tenderness, and courage reserved! That without resistance to them on favor the tigers dozing in us the Ballad about the woman and a tiger, Verses on love .

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