Carbon monoxide, very funny wedding jokes, laughter video

Wedding toasts and congratulations
In childhood, when we read fairy tales, they ended up with the fact that the Prince married the Princess, and what happened was unknown. Let’s raise the glasses to make your family life magical and inspire the storytellers.
Wedding toasts and congratulations
For the fact that life has developed,
For love to always live,
For the fact that quarrels and troubles were not known,
For this, I’ll drink to the bottom!

To the adversity of retreating,
So that all of you on the shoulder,
In order to appreciate each other,
I wish you happiness!

For the wedding, for love, for joy,
For your future children,
To make dreams come true,
So that there is no sadness, gray days!
A merry viewing of this funny video of wedding jokes. This video raises for everyone a fine mood. Write your feedback and comments after watching the video.

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