Beauty girl in rose petals photos 1

Beauty girl in rose petals photos 2

Beauty girl in rose petals photos 3

Beauty girl in rose petals photos.
Ring of a hrustal, whisper of a velvet rose …
Black rose in a crystal glass,
You think, I will forget hardly
All your songs and bitter tears?
No, you are mistaken! I will remember
Everything that was whispered by you full-whose lunar,
As kissed in a rush mad
I petals your pitch-black.
I am a little similar to you:
Too with thorns – it is proud and obstinate;
Also madly, it is devilishly beautiful
With velvet and gentle dark skin;
As if crystal glass your, my voice
Also rings; my whisper is also gentle,
As if your petals low whisper.
Only does not allow to love to you pride

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