Beautiful woman with bike photos 1

Beautiful woman with bike photos 2

Beautiful woman with bike photos 3

Beautiful woman with bike photos.
My two-wheeled horse purrs
Such force between legs
And in the head the accordion sounds:
“Rise falcons eagles”

Here turned off the handle of gas
Went with it quickly forward
As much around us behaved in a queer way
Or all drivers are drunk?

Where you go the pensioner?
You do not see bikers in blow?
And you are madams already absolutely
All mixed pedals

Here so communicating with chavs
Actively, it is pure I have a rest
Still my horse purrs
We will win all medals

But chu! Did not understand what is with me
In nature a falcon I fly
Below there was somewhere a horse
I dream of a landing

Blow, with flight somersaults
Gymnasts stood delighted
And for some reason the side aches
And for some reason thought of a morgue

I think – I mean I live
But as that is strange, having bent
And nevertheless – was in reality?
Or again I lie, having woken up?

Moved – no, not a dream
The people sympathize, having gathered
And how – a title, the champion?
And I as though obosramshis

Here remembered a forum, laughter over it
That bike dangerous invention
That, obeying it to one,
Cripples others, without being sorry

Yes, it is visible not my subject
I will buy better than a sport car
And I will drive “for hundred”
Being fan OF the speed of that

Farewell motorcycle sport
The revenge will be taken by me on a sport car Or With you would drive

The motor, what power roars
Three hundred horses in a team
And again weeds also somersaults
Also I see the world from top to down …

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