Beautiful photos of girl in field 1

Beautiful photos of girl in field 2

Beautiful photos of girl in field 3

Beautiful photos of girl in field.
We write verses on women because they are the most beautiful, most gentle creations on the earth! Devote to women verses, you love the soulmates, you give them gifts, flowers. Female it sounds beautifully!!!
It is fascinated, bewitched,
To wind it is in the field once married,
All you as if in fetters is chained,
Precious you are my woman!
Not cheerful, not sad,
As if from the dark sky descended,
You and song my wedding,
And a star you are my madwoman…
I will be inclined over your knees,
I will embrace them with a violent force,
Both tears and poems
I will burn you, kind, lovely…
Open to me a face midnight,
Let’s enter these eyes heavy,
In these black eyebrows east,
In these hands your half-naked.
What will not come true – will be forgotten,
What will not be remembered, will not be executed.
So what you cry, the beauty,
Or me it simply seems?…

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