Beautiful girl near motorcycle photo 1

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Beautiful girl near motorcycle photo 3

Beautiful girl near motorcycle photo.
That’s all, the fall crept,
I began to go slowly,
It is simple to live I want, children,
That in the spring to sit down at a horse!
Flies ceased to fight
Sduri in a helmet my dear,
On the road something is sad
It became cold sometimes.
I am afraid that my tires
Will not hold suddenly me,
Will freeze early in the morning
I will decay in a moment under a horse.
Now I sit to smoke Klava,
The brain boils only this way,
As I will present that half a year
I behind a computer just like that…
The friend will stand quietly
In garage cool,
Pure, true, long-awaited,
As a hobby desired.
If boringly is at home,
I will glance in garage to it
I will sit in memoirs,
From a tank I will erase hoarfrost.
I will approach, I will warm a body,
Driving I will nestle on it,
On glass I write with a finger:
“Wait for buddy, I will return!”.

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