Australian actress Margo Alice Robbie, video

Мггo Alice Robbie Year of birth: 1990 Australian actress, who won the audience not only beauty but also a multifaceted talent. Childhood passed in gliši in a place called “golden coast”. She helped around the house, chopped wood and was fond of surfing. After graduation, she moved to Melbourne to become an actress and conquer the world. And Margot was lucky – after several episodic roles she played the main role in the film “The Vigilante”, where she was noticed and invited to the role in the series “Neighbors”, which brought her 2 nominations for the prestigious Australian award and the audience’s love. After the success at home, Margo went to conquer Hollywood. There she starred in the series “Pan American”. But, even after the failure of the series, the proposals fell one after another. The actress was able to charm the producers, directors and the American audience. Matrin Scorsese himself offered her a role, all Hollywood actresses dream about it, and he did not lose it. Margot was gorgeous and critics appreciated her game. The actress refers negatively to the nude scenes, she rejected the proposals of Hugh Hefner himself, and, as the gossipers say, before the frank scene with DiCaprio drank 4 piles of tequila for courage. Before Margo all doors are opened and there are no shortages in offers.
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