An inflammatory dance from the bride, a video of a fine mood

Beautiful toasts for a wedding
There is a wonderful parable about the husband and wife. Every day a married couple ate a bun for breakfast. They divided it into two parts: the lower and upper. The wife always got the upper part, and her husband – the lower one. After several years of marriage, namely on the anniversary of the wedding, the wife took herself to the bottom, saying that she always wanted this. To which her husband replied that he, on the contrary, wanted the upper part, but he left it for the beloved, because he thought that she loved her more. Let your family always has mutual understanding and awe for the second half!
Beautiful toasts for a wedding
Newlyweds! Your boat of family well-being is just beginning its long voyage. It will easily become a luxurious ship, which will not be troubled by storms, if one looks for and finds compromises, loves, respects, listens and, most importantly, hears each other.
Beautiful toasts for a wedding
Do you know what the worst wish can be done by a newly-married couple? Leaving to say good night. Therefore, in spite of the fact that I am not leaving yet, I wish you NOT a GOOD night in advance, for which I raise the glass!
Pleasant and cheerful viewing of this amazing video, where the bride is dancing her surprise dance. Leave your feedback and comments after watching the video for a good mood.

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