An inflammatory dance from the bride, a video of a fine mood

Beautiful toasts for a wedding
There is a wonderful parable about the husband and wife. Every day a married couple ate a bun for breakfast. They divided it into two parts: the lower and upper. The wife always got the upper part, and her husband – the lower one. After several years of marriage, namely on the anniversary of the wedding, the wife took herself to the bottom, saying that she always wanted this. To which her husband replied that he, on the contrary, wanted the upper part, but he left it for the beloved, because he thought that she loved her more. Let your family always has mutual understanding and awe for the second half!
Beautiful toasts for a wedding
Newlyweds! Your boat of family well-being is just beginning its long voyage. It will easily become a luxurious ship, which will not be troubled by storms, if one looks for and finds compromises, loves, respects, listens and, most importantly, hears each other.
Beautiful toasts for a wedding
Do you know what the worst wish can be done by a newly-married couple? Leaving to say good night. Therefore, in spite of the fact that I am not leaving yet, I wish you NOT a GOOD night in advance, for which I raise the glass!
Pleasant and cheerful viewing of this amazing video, where the bride is dancing her surprise dance. Leave your feedback and comments after watching the video for a good mood.

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  1. · cafe, restaurant and Banquet hall one of such casinos is a standard solution. When selecting a particular room you should consider not only the style and design, but the size of the venue. It needs to be designed for the desired read more about number of guests, and no more (including tables and space for dancing and entertainment). If it’s a wedding for 40 people, you need space ranging from 50 to 100 sq. m.;

  2. · nature – it can be the backyard of a private home plot in the Botanical garden, beach, or any vending newlyweds Polyana, where you can organize a place for a Banquet and to provide a comfortable stay;

  3. Organize wedding parties for 30-40 guests: cost, ideas and options

  4. When the lives of young people is a crucial and important moment as a family – I want to share this joy with the world. But once it comes to preparation a wedding celebration and compilation of the guest list, we have to return to reality. Today wedding for 30-40 people is the most common and best option celebrations.

  5. · unusual places – such places, able to accommodate 30 to 40 people quite a lot: greenhouse, boat/ ferry, train dining car, Board the plane fair etc. But it should be noted that this non-traditional approach to the choice of venue may cost the couple a tidy sum.

  6. The choice of the basic idea and style of the wedding

  7. Even despite the fact that a wedding for 30-40 people can be called a small (average), it is difficult to imagine that all these people followed the bride and groom throughout the entire wedding day: from home to the Registrar, on a walk, photo shoot and Banquet. A permanent stay with the newlyweds possible and justified only in those cases when the wedding is planned in such a way that does not involve frequent and long movements. For example, if you have to hold a wedding for 30-40 people at a separate location, which will host the main celebration: ceremony, Photocall and gala dinner. Otherwise, it is not necessary to carry all the guests at once. For example, to the registry office with the bride and groom can send only close relatives and witnesses, a walk and a photo session you can invite the youth, and at the Banquet to celebrate a special event with all the guests together.

  8. At first glance it may seem that the number of guests in the wedding planning has value only in terms of choice of banqueting, and calculate the amount of food and drinks. In fact, from this point you can make a start even when determining the main idea of a wedding celebration.

  9. It all depends on why the couple determine that is the number of people (in this case 30-40 people):

  10. Wedding celebration in two days – this is our longstanding tradition. Before the Foundation for such long celebrations were different, but now it’s more of an opportunity to spend more time with close, to relax from the stresses of the day and share experiences about him. Hold it in the same lineup as the day does not make sense, and is very costly. As a rule, the second day of the wedding takes place in a more informal setting and a small circle, and looks like a youth party in the nature, in the club or picnic with the parents and relatives from other cities.

  11. · this is a full list of relatives and friends we would like to invite (more and have no one to invite);

  12. · couple does not want a very large noisy wedding party (invited only the closest and important);

  13. · the couple cannot afford to invite more people.

  14. In the case of the last option – all clear. Here is a selection of ideas and style of the wedding does not will depend on the invited guests, except that if you further reduce their number. Most likely it will be a traditional wedding with no frills and exclusive details.

  15. Another thing, when the guest list is already complete, and the financial situation of newlyweds does not hinder their imagination. Except that in this situation you can implement absolutely any idea, a wedding for 30 people is an opportunity to organize an event. For example, you can organize a collective jumping with parachutes, the wedding-quest themed wedding scenario of a particular tale or movie, celebration with exotic entertainment and treats. Well, if the money and not the account is maintained, the guests will certainly appreciate the trip and stay in another country at the expense of the newlyweds.

  16. The less invited to the wedding guests, the more options for choice of the venue of the celebration, beginning with a completely traditional, and the ending is quite unusual:

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