Actress of German descent, charming blonde, Diane Kruger, video

Diana Kpyuger Year of birth: 1976 The actress of German descent has Scandinavian beauty. She began her career with ballet. I was engaged a lot and was a star of the school, having acted in film for the poster with advertising of the ballet school. At 11 years old she was offered to study at the Royal Ballet School in London. There she received the 4th grade and successfully traveled to theaters in Saxony with ballet productions, but after a knee injury she was forced to return home and finish the career of a ballerina. She helped her mother-she carried mail and worked part-time at a pizzeria. In 1991 she took part in the model competition and won. At the contest, she was noticed in the modeling agency “Elite” and offered a contract. Diana represented a lot of fashion houses: Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Jil Sander, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani was shot for the covers of fashion glosses “Vogue”, “ELLE”. Realizing that the model’s career is short, Diana decided to do movies and try to play a role in the “Fifth Element” and, although she did not pass for the role, she became friends with director Luc Besson and in the future he helped her in her career as an actress. World fame brought to her the role of the beautiful Elena in the movie “Troy”, where she starred with many eminent actors. The director was looking for a little-known and incredibly beautiful actress and Diana approached like no one. After the release of the film, it was called “The Discovery of Hollywood.” Despite the success in Hollywood, the actress continued the career of the model, participated in the shows and filmed for the covers of magazines. Now Diana works a lot both in Europe and in the US.
A fascinating view of this wonderful video about the beautiful. An incredibly beautiful blonde. Write your feedback and comments after watching the video.

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