A selection of the funniest cases at the wedding, a video of laughter

Wedding toasts
Dear newlyweds, today, on this wonderful festive day for all of us, I want to whole-heartedly congratulate you on your marriage and wish you will never regret the past, do not worry about the future and be grateful for the present. Then you will be able to fully appreciate all the joy of your life!

They say that a man should be able to do two things: set fire to huts and shuffle horses so that his woman has something to do, and not to endure his brains! So let’s drink to our newlyweds in their family life and so it was to do, without any nonsense! Bitterly!
Dear ____ and _____ (names)! Today you became a husband and wife, so I wish you all the best, and most importantly, I want to remind you: to love means not only looking at each other, but also looking in one direction! Look in one direction and be happy!
A fascinating, fun and wonderful mood when watching this fascinating, funny video. This video of laughter will make anyone laugh who scans this video.

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