50 photos of Russian stars without make-up, cognitive video

Nyusha, Vera Brezhneva, Alla Pugacheva and other Russian stars without make-up. 2016 Photo of 50 Russian stars without make-up, photoshop and make-up. The video presents photos of the following celebrities without make-up. The 24-year-old singer Nyusha, who, incidentally, Nyusha also appears in her passport – an idol of millions of teenagers who sometimes sets a good example at least on the seas to allow themselves to go unpainted. Nyusha without makeup is just lovely. 2 Polina Gagarina, who represented Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, is organic that in makeup, that without it. Without cosmetics, she looks good 3. Vika Dayneko, 28, recently married and gave birth to a child, seems not at all embarrassed by her young husband and her fans, showing itself as it is. Viktoria Daineko without make-up is also beautiful. 4 Vera Brezhneva 35 and she is very beautiful in any form, and Vera Brezhnev without makeup is even nicer. 5 32-year-old former “VIA Gra” Anna Sedokova likes to take photos, just waking up. And you weak? 6 Alla Pugacheva without make-up It’s rare to get a prima donna without make-up, but most importantly, do not yawn. However, Alla Pugacheva recently herself published in her instructs a photo without make-up. 7 Anastasia Zavorotnyuk without make-up appears in public at all. Even in her free time, which the actress does not have, because she needs to support her family, she generously uses cosmetics. 8 Have you seen Alsu without makeup, Without makeup, and Photoshop? If not, see our video. 9. Maria Kozhevnikova without make-up: 30-year-old actress, deputy and mother of two children Maria Kozhevnikova generally took the rule of less dyed. Here and at all without makeup. 10. 38-year-old Anfisa Chekhova, though not instantly, but significantly postbroken after childbirth. And when he goes shopping in search of clothes of new size, he prefers not to be painted. 11. After the Tyumen woman received the crown of the second vice-miss of Russia, the audience literally went crazy wondering what Alena Shishkova looks like without make-up. 12. Valeria without make-up: 47-year-old singer Valeria goes home without make-up, which should be natural. 13. Ani Lorak’s photos without make-up at the moment became public property. The photos are made both for the magazine and in the home. 14. Eternal bride Enrique Iglesias, Anna Kournikova without makeup looks like an ordinary girl from a neighboring entrance. 15. Anna Khilkevich without make-up looks much more interesting than with him. Anzhelika Varum Kristina Orbakaite Larisa Dolina Natasha Koroleva Anastasia Volochkova Anita Tsoi Anna Semyonovich Yulia Kovalchuk Sati Kazanova Anastasia Stotskaya Bianca Glukoza Nastya Kamenskih Pelageya Natalia Podolskaya Kristina Asmus Ksenia Sobchak Ksenia Borodina Olga Buzova Tatiana Navka Nastasya Samburskaya Anna Khilkevich Alyona Shishkova Maria Sharapova
Pleasant viewing of this fascinating and informative video, where stars without professional make-up.

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