10 funny wedding moments, funny video

Funny toasts for the wedding
They say that marriages are made in heaven. Today, on your wedding day, I wish your union to keep the heavens, and all life’s difficulties and worldly problems let you be uncomfortable. Love one another and be happy all your life.
Here comes a beautiful day, when two loving hearts come together, and I raise my glass for your union. And that nothing could separate you, I want to tell you about three small truths. The first is attention: always be attentive to each other. The second is development: always develop. You, the groom, develop your courage, and you, the bride, develop your femininity in order to always fascinate each other. And the third is trust. Trust each other, believe in the better side of your second half, and then this side of your half will be addressed to you!
A fascinating and fun view of this funny video of some incredible, ridiculous and funny moments at the wedding. Write your feedback and comments after watching the video.

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  1. Often the bride’s head is clogged how you can save on the wedding and also on purchases. A professional psychologist will tell you, the better to concentrate, and what you don’t want to be afraid of.

  2. Do not forget that fear can not only the bride, but the groom – he is also a man with feelings, and may need professional help and consultation of a specialist. Very good experience for you will be going to the psychologist together – there you will be able not just to discuss personal fears of each, but to find out what it really feels your partner.

  3. In psychology, the theme of the wedding is one of the most acute, as on this day for many new life begins. But as the couple enter this new world depends on their psychological state.

  4. We suggest you not to withdraw into themselves, and often communicate – discuss any questions, doubts, problems without raised voices, and with a cool head not just easier for you family life and will allow you to get close and to reach a higher level of trust.

  5. Appeal to the psychologist is often already a problem for many. But what to do if this assistance is required in eve, perhaps the most important events in your life – your wedding?! The last thing you need to do is to save money on wedding consultations of a psychologist, and certainly should not be afraid that someone will accuse you of visits to specialized clinics.

  6. The problems and subtleties of psychology of the wedding

  7. To begin with, necessary to boldly admit – I’m scared to get married… Fear is a normal reaction to emergency and new situations. You’re not afraid of the fact of marriage, and not fame, which do you think will happen in the future.

  8. Here are the main thoughts that can attend the bride (and groom) before the wedding:

  9. 1. The fear that reality will not match expectations. Very often the bride takes over the job of the wedding, and such liability could have a strong pressure. There is also the fear of future family life such doubts should be discussed with husband the possibility that he is afraid of the same thing.

  10. 2. He thinks the groom. The bridegroom being not always willing to disclose their thoughts. If you trust each other, you should not worry due to the fact that a man thinks about marriage and family life. Communication – the path to a healthy marriage!

  11. 3. Scare stories of friends and acquaintances. The stories of experienced people is of course useful information, but it is not always objective. Your friends can tell you horror stories about life after the wedding, but they can be the only reason that people even before the wedding had a disagreement, or just not get along.

  12. 4. The pressure of the parents. To parents we must always listen, but not necessarily do everything they suggest. They can give you food for thought, and you can already make certain decisions. Do not be afraid to make your own way if it doesn’t quarrel with all family members – the compromise is also an integral part of family life that begins on the wedding day.

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