10 funny wedding moments, funny video

Funny toasts for the wedding
They say that marriages are made in heaven. Today, on your wedding day, I wish your union to keep the heavens, and all life’s difficulties and worldly problems let you be uncomfortable. Love one another and be happy all your life.
Here comes a beautiful day, when two loving hearts come together, and I raise my glass for your union. And that nothing could separate you, I want to tell you about three small truths. The first is attention: always be attentive to each other. The second is development: always develop. You, the groom, develop your courage, and you, the bride, develop your femininity in order to always fascinate each other. And the third is trust. Trust each other, believe in the better side of your second half, and then this side of your half will be addressed to you!
A fascinating and fun view of this funny video of some incredible, ridiculous and funny moments at the wedding. Write your feedback and comments after watching the video.

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