two funny red kitten

two funny red kitten.
The poem about two kittens
Two little kittens quarreled in a corner
The angry hostess took the broom
Also swept out from kitchen of the fighting kittens
Without having coped at the same time who is right who is guilty
And business was at night, in winter, in January.
Two little kittens were cold in the yard.
They laid down, having curled up, on a porch y stone,
noses buried in pads and began to wait for the end.
But the hostess took pity and opened a door.
– Ny what, – she asked, – you do not quarrel now?
They passed quietly in the corner on a lodging for the night,
From skins shook off cold, a sleet
And both before an oven fell asleep a sweet dream.
And the blizzard till the dawn rustled behind a window

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