three funny kitten in the toilet

three funny kitten in the toilet.
*** November 19 – World Day of the Toilet

Time on grocery base,
Where is “much to eat and drink”,

The cat fell asleep on a toilet bowl
Also does not want to leave!

Day World the Toilet –
It is a holiday for a cat!
In a toilet there is not enough light,
The place is for a stomach.

Here water rustles on pipes,
The people are not pushed,
Here will not grab by a tail roughly,
The mouse itself will come here.

Here it is pleasant and cool…
Cat: – “To someone nevterpyozh?
Go to my tray, all right!?
I will not leave!!! Cat not trozh!.”

To Kot here – Main – it is clear at once!
Waits – the mouse will leave a hole…
And then solved: base
It is necessary to close temporarily!.

To drive a cat? – It is impossible to offend:
The cat will leave, and mice here
In total on base in the best possible way
Without cat during the instant will gobble up!!!
The cat when will wake up, Main –
We will open a warehouse, shop:
Toilet bowl on base nice,
But, alas – only ONE!.

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