super funny sleeping dog

super funny sleeping dog.
You do not awake the sleeping problem *,
And take a jar you to jam,
Eat, extolling jam,
And rescue yourself from problems!

Let sleeping dogs lie!
And then she will not whine,
Let her who fell asleep lie
And a problem does not finger you!

Do not awake, citizens, a python!
But not that not to avoid to you groan…
Your python is trouble-free in hibernation –
Do not stake the life you!

You do not awake, women, you the husband,
Having made the husband a cool dinner!
He does not want to absorb a dinner,
Wants in dreams with the beauty to rest!

And in yourself you do not awake an animal,
To me, the Shepherdess, the word to take
Will run, the having opened wide a mouth,
That on somebody a misfortune!

… Nobody you, brothers, awake.
Close eyes, with pleasure you sleep…
Do not look for unpleasant subjects………
Brains sleep… and any problems………

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