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The most playful cat breeds

Choosing cat breed one dream of the quiet, tender, lying for days on end on the laying cat. And here give others the lump rushing about the room behind a toy fluffy or not really.

And if you decided to receive the answer to a question: “What cat breeds the most playful” means easily to guess that you treat the second group dreaming of the relative frame and playful cat.

So what cat breeds the most playful?

TOP of 5 most playful cat breeds

First place is won by Abyssinian cats and their fellows (the cat breeds received by crossing with an Abyssinian cat, for example: Chauz, Somali cat, Australian smoked cat, American Javanese cat, etc.)

These cats are ready to rush tirelessly behind an imaginary mouse the whole day. Considering their sports tightened figure, huge curiosity and cheerful nature, it is possible to understand that it is given them with ease. Owing to the temperament such cat will not allow to miss to anybody in the house: to neither other pets, nor children, nor owners.

These are not the just fissile cats, but hyperactive. A time it is difficult to calm them. By it it is not sat in situ. And God forbid to your room the butterfly or a fly will fly, they right there will dart off, and will rush behind production, will not catch it yet. Not to occupy endurance by him. These cats CAN not be isolated in selfcontained space (a cage, the open-air cage) they can get sick, and in hard cases neurosis can develop.

The second place of the most playful cats is taken by oriental and kolor-pointovy representatives of Siamese breed (for example: Savanna, Balinese, East short-haired, Tonkinsky cat, Angora breed, Snow Shiu, Egyptian Mau, Singapore, Cornysh-reksy and др). At these cats the graceful movements, distinguished appearance, boundless devotion to the owner. These cats have natural playfulness and hunting instincts. They will not become as Abyssinians the whole day to drive behind imaginary production, but wishes to play. However, they do it only on the initiative. If they do not want to run, then no bow will lift them from the place.

Takes the third place of the most playful cat breeds otsikt. His primogenitors – a Siamese and Abyssinian cat. And besides in his veins wild blood flows. From wild ancestors it got not only appearance, but also character. This is not a cat, and “perpetuum mobile”. They are in constant search of suitable “production” or the friend in games. Are not frightened guests at all, safely make contact. They can sniff at first at the stranger and if the newcomer was pleasant to them, then can even lick.

Bengals (the Bengalese cat) comfortably were at the fourth place of the most playful cat breeds. It is mix of the Persian and Siamese cat. Despite the dimensions (weight of an adult cat reaches 12 kg) they the relative frame and playful. These are very clever cats and just pursue a bow on a string they will not become. Prefer a hide-and-seek, a game of tag, i.e. those games where they can show a hunting instinct. Do not forget that in their veins blood of the wild ancestor – a leopard cat flows. And besides they are not afraid of water at all – games in water their favourite pastime. IMPORTANT: The Bengalese cats are inclined to completeness therefore the outdoor games are simply necessary for them!

The fifth place among the most playful cats is taken by manchkina, and their fellows (Kinkalou, Minskin, Dvelf, Skukum, Lambkin, Napoleon, etc.). These are tiny cats who in inheritance from manchikin got not only short pads, but also gay, playful character. These cats never grow old, even in old age love the outdoor games.

And finally, the cat seems to me not important what breed at you if to pay it attention, it will involve in games the most playful cat. And if not to play with it, it to turn into the fat, lazy, eternally lying cat. To any cat will quickly bother to drive alone a ball on the apartment. So draw conclusions. There will be your playful cat or not, depends on you.

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