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Funny Dog Parade.
Guide it and rescuer,
Both hunter, and sapper.
To children – the best palsy-walsy.
Get acquainted – the Labrador.
The head – mind chamber,
Heart – the flame motor,
And character as if cotton wool.
It – such! He is a Labrador!
There are, of course, shortcomings:
He is a glutton from gluttons,
Adores chocolates –
Such is it, the Labrador.
He will understand you from a semi-look
Also will keep up the conversation.
Much is not necessary to it,
If it is the Labrador.
Rug, brush, forages bowl
And love – such is a set …
Will admit you with heart close
Forever your Labrador.
It entirely in your power,
Without fight, without silly quarrels.
There is a word synonym happiness:
Happiness is a Labrador!

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