funny cat vampire

funny cat vampire.
Gray and smoky cat,
Indifferent and lazy cattle,
The thick coupling with the mermaid’s eyes,
Grandly and shakily
Bypassed everything, familiar to it to nails,
Ordinary guests…
observing ancient custom
Cat’s decencies,
Sniffed at all heels,
Gaiters, trousers and socks,
It was rubbed about all familiar legs…
And suddenly, having turned off road,
Ball on a wall –
Spiral of wavy movements, –
Turned to me
Also jumped to me on knees.
I thought in an ambition attack:
of course, on intuition
Animal it
in me recognized the poet…
The cat understood that I am lonely,
As a whale in the ocean,
That I sat down in a corner,
Having crossed tired hands,
Because to me it is heavy…
The cat was gently stuck into a shirt –
The tail came as a rod, –
Also looked to me with melancholy in eyes…
“Oh, my friend! – sklonyas over a cat,
I whispered, reddening, –
Forgive that in soul I
Cursed you indifferent cattle…”
Ho a cat, having turned the camp,
suddenly with a muzzle it was pushed in a pocket:
There the Poltava fat in a package lay.
There are no more illusions on light!

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