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funny cat behind the wheel

funny cat behind the wheel.
– So, citizen, rights for your name,
And here the registration certificate is issued not on you!
– Ah, it is guilty, the power of attorney … now …
Yes here it, with papers others.
– And color and number of a car body
According to the passport not these. Why?
– And here, all right, the check from shop,
And on repair the receipt to it.
– And it what sticks out from under a seat?
There is an automatic machine?! And shots traces!
– And here to you permission to storage
And application in case of need.
– The luggage carrier is slightly opened at you – check.
Oh, My God and the corpse is clamped!
– And here is how time certificate on death
And on delivery a transport dress.
– But who here so packed it,
With the blowtorch thrust in a bottom?
– The dead man was the big original.
Here the will – he wished that.
It is certified notarially

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