Christmas cat tree 1

Christmas cat tree 2

Christmas cat tree 3

Christmas cat tree 4

Here’s a cheap decoration for the holiday! Our Pets and here can help us! Very beautiful decoration christmas cat tree!!!
The well-fad gray cat peacefully snuffled in the basket in kitchen. On the night of the eve of Christmas it dreamed birds, and from a vigorous dream he overdrove the fluffy tail, having hooked on a garland. After that the series of casual falling of objects in the room began, and the cat happened even to do some flying against the will. Eventually disorder ended with the fire at daybreak. But by a lucky chance, Could gathered phone of rescuers and those appeared in time in time. Neighbors helped owners of nearly burned down house will recover after the fire. At the end of a roller all mudflows for a holiday table. Could too did not remain deprived. For a raising of spirit of Christmas in the scared cat, he was treated with boiled egg
Christmas cat tree

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