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Cat funny pictures free.
I was fluffy and cheerful as if hare,
And enticed cats without wasting words.
Yet my hostess did not gather
But, knowing about claws firsthand,
Resolved by simple in the way an issue:
Opened a jug with a valerian,
Also brought under my turned-up nose.
Humming, I gave up! Whether it is necessary to us much,
Having taken it is sensitive and having dropped out in a deposit,
Trusted in “careful” hands.
Also cut, an infection, under the machine.
Red scraps flew to air,
But, made a fatal mistake –
It is disseminated having forgotten to put on glasses!
I look at cats indifferently now,
Swam away a fat, friends giggle …
There were no differences more at me,
Of which I was always proud.
Also I became something like perfection,
Having believed and having relaxed just once:
For a short instant of innocent pleasure,
To me “sculptor” cut all “unnecessary”!

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