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Cat christmas card.

Morning. This silly woman got up,
Scratched a hair,
Drowsily in a bathroom creeps –
There its gift waits.
Not in a pot, and as usual
On a floor I did personally.
Let it will be teased, cleaning –
Good morning, expensive!
Waited, while This
Will spread from a toilet.
I – under legs. Op, stumbled!
It’s a go! Welled up!
The old woman left to have breakfast,
Pours coffee in a mug,
Wild myav – and everything put –
It’s a go! Poured!
All right, it is possible to have a rest,
In the diary to drop a line,
I will write down, without flattering myself:
Morning is lived not for nothing.
Day. Sincerely slept off,
And here, pancake, as ill luck would have it
To me specifically did not bring.
Saw, put on belongings,
Thought that somewhere goes,
You will understand horse-radish when returns,
And she seized me,
That to me, a reptile, rolled a prick –
The term of an inoculation approached.
Anything, for these torments
Adequately I answered:
To me pricks spoil a skin,
It – a leather jacket.
Did not linger –
On the road tore up a jacket
And her trousers from skin
So soiled – do not give my God!
From now on will remember, can be:
Not horse-radish, pancake to treat me!
Tore a toy slightly later –
So was fond of this business,
That did not notice the hostess.
That for the nasty woman!
The case to revenge did not look for –
But, pancake, messed up again –
Into hands at once to it it fell,
As last moron
Ugly face in a pool brought.
As beat off – I do not know itself!
So now I stink of urine
As if I am a night vase,
Younger brother of a toilet bowl.
Will wash me, likely …
Maybe by the evening will forget?
It was jammed in a quiet place –
I compose plans to sweep.
With the most honest ugly face
I tore up wall-paper in a hall –
I have an instinct – and a point!
She decided to have a rest,
Puzzles, the silly woman, spread out.
Well, I will give the chance to it
To bring together them on corners.
Evening. This washed me
(there is an infection, did not forget!)
Who do I am it – stupid Mumu?
For washing revenged it:
I broke couple of cups.
Listened as she squealed –
At heart it became easier.
I tore off a curtain in kitchen.
Long jumped, but got:
It’s a go! Tore off!
Closer by the night.
This smears cream on a snout,
Means, to sleep will lie soon,
Light burns so far, just
I will strike day balance.
In general day passed normally,
Overweight for me it is real:
The account in today’s tournament
In my advantage seven – four.
I am quite happy with the account,
Rest is honestly earned.
Everything, it is possible to go to bed,
Tomorrow there will be a day again …
Yes, still, perhaps, it is possible
To shout a bit heart-rendingly at night,
Few times to lift it –
Not horse-radish, pancake to sleep peacefully

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