The most beautiful boys, fascinating video

What does the most beautiful boy in the world look like? Is this boy the most beautiful in the world? Many call his appearance a standard of charm and charm. And with this statement it is difficult not to agree. At the same time, the success story of the Internet star began quite trite.
The beginning of success 12-year-old William Franklin-Miller is an ordinary kid. He, like other young men, goes to school, likes to play rugby and hang out with friends. It’s only from peers that it is notoriously unpopular. The social network “Twitter” literally exploded after the Japanese schoolgirl published a photo of the boy in it. Now he is the celebrity not only of Twitter, but also of Instagram, where he has 152,000 subscribers.
Young star “About one hundred users subscribe to my page every three seconds,” says William. At first, the young man thought that his account had been hacked. In real popularity, he believed only when the comments began to appear. People wrote that they saw his photos in “Twitter.” The boy realized that glory had fallen on his head – he had woken up as a real star. At the same time, everything happened. Who is William? Now William Franklin-Miller is not only a handsome young man, but also a real celebrity. He has many fans in Indonesia, China and Japan. The guy works as a model, and is also an actor in the television show Jack Irishman. In addition, the young man took part in other TV projects in Asia. He repeatedly His fans leave him only positive comments and will often be asked to come to visit their country. At the moment, despite the unprecedented fame, the young man tries to concentrate his attention on the school as much as possible.
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