Original, cool teen dance, video

Never forget that children’s dance is, first of all, pleasure. Do not force the child to do something that is not interesting for him. And do not critically treat his failures. Remember that any children’s activity is also development, becoming and self-determination, so you need to let it be what you want, and support it in every possible way. Tell him the positive and strengths to increase his self-esteem, and emphasize the direction in which you need to work on yourself
If you consider all the above requirements, you can turn a child’s dance into a pleasant pastime for the child. If you achieve that he will love his occupation, then you will see him happy and contented every day. Do not worry if at first something does not work out. But do not make the child do something that is alien to him. Do not limit his imagination and let him dance the way he feels – and then he will remember with gratitude the first choreography
A fascinating and fun video viewing, incredibly original, funny dance of two teenagers. Write your feedback and comments after watching the video where the children are dancing.

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