Incredibly beautiful children, videos of charming girls.

On the fifth line of our hit parade was a girl from Canada Elizabeth Hailie. An attentive spectator will immediately notice the similarity of this young talent with the possessor of the third place, the Russian Kristina Pimenova. True, this 11-year-old beauty does not have such a long and successful past in the modeling business as her double from Russia, however, the American woman with the Malaysian and Caucasian roots, Lily Chi, occupies the sixth position of our chat. The exotic appearance of this little girl has not escaped the eyes of famous American photographers. Over the shoulders of Lily work with such famous brands as Ralph Lauren, Velveteen, Levi’s and Nike. and 2 on the seventh stage of our hit parade, Ira Brown. We could not but mention this little princess who conquered the world with her photos several years ago. The second name of Ira is Barbie, because the similarity of this little girl with the famous doll is simply amazing. Last years she managed to conquer the hearts of many foreign photographers.
The eighth line of the chat of the most beautiful children of the world is rightly occupied by the Russian beginning model Anna Pavaga. This 6-year-old young talent conquered everyone with its simply charming smile and fervent energy. Anna The ninth position of the list of the most beautiful children of the world is taken by the Russian woman Anastasia Bezrukova. The 12-year-old Russian model has been haunting European photographers for several years with a sad look. On the account, Nastia has worked with such brands as Moschino, Benetton, Dolores, Pinko, Incanto, MonnaLisa, Armani, as well as popular glosses Vogue Bambini, Harper’s Bazaar, Collezioni. Actively filmed in Russia in children’s magazines, commercials and even movies.
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