Children dance modern dances, video

Children’s dance has its own specifics and features. Everyone will agree that the most important thing in it is not a flawlessly mastered technique, but a creative approach and the child’s interest. The first and most important thing in teaching plastic – whether it is a children’s dance boogie-woogie or any other – is to catch and hold children’s curiosity. And if you are interested in a child, you can easily (after all, kids are always striving for something new), then with a focus on learning, problems can arise, since at that age everything quickly gets boring. But curiosity is a key component of any children’s activity. You can achieve the desired effect by constantly changing either direction or approach. For example, there will be interesting studios, where comprehensive training is conducted for different styles. Then the child will be able to learn alternately the children’s belly dance, then jazz-modern, then club and sports directions. This helps not only to interest him with something new and unusual, but also to identify inclinations to a certain direction. After all, if a child loves Oriental melodies, it will be much more pleasant for him to transfer to a group where they only deal with this.
A wonderful mood when watching a video where children are dancing modern dances. Write your feedback and comments after watching the video.

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