Charming aquagrim on the face. Video Mood

What is aquagrim? – This body painting on the face, which is performed by safe hypoallergenic paints. Images on the face can be painted and gouache, but cosmetic paints hold better, are easier to wash off and do not irritate the skin. Aquagrim not only on adults, but also on children’s faces is increasingly becoming fashionable and especially popular with children. Moreover, I like not only the finished body painting on my face, but also the process of applying aqua-grime. The pictures on the face allow children to feel themselves painted fairytale heroes, play enough, and then quickly wash off the aqua-grum from the face with simple water and soap. And if the artist has not left yet, ask him to draw another picture on his face. And adults do not lag behind them. Photographed in aqua-grime, and then show off the original body painting on his face – what could be better. See the best examples of aquagrim – pictures on the face.
Enjoy watching aquagrim video on your face. Write your feedback and comments after watching the video.

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