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What to do if the dog growls at the owner
Many of us, having a dog in our house, count on the fact that in the person of this creation they will find a faithful and obedient friend. In principle, it should be so. However, the kind of relationship you will have with your pet will largely depend on how you raise it (more about dog education). And, today we suggest you talk about a rather unpleasant, and in some cases, even dangerous situation, when the dog does not recognize the authority of the owner, and moreover – she even growls at him. How to deal with such a dog? How to re-educate her? What needs to be changed in your behavior? And, why did a situation arise in which your dog started to growl at you? We propose to find answers to these questions on the pages of our publication …
Why does a dog growl at its owner? With a question about why a domestic dog can suddenly start growling at its owners, we turned to experts and experts, and also connected zoopsychologists. We managed to find out that the reason for this behavior of the dog, when it starts to openly show aggression and disobedience towards its owner, lies in the fact that at one time it was not properly brought up, and in particular, in the consciousness of the pet, the schooling hierarchy was disrupted. In order to understand what this is and what this attitude has to us, let’s try to dig deeper into this topic. Animals, including domestic dogs, are not people, respectively, they do not think like people, and live by other laws. And, their main law is the law of the pack. Dogs also adhere to it, since they are schooling animals. But only if there are no other dogs nearby, for their flock, they consider the family in which they live, the people who care about them. The laws of the pack do not accept equality, it does not happen that everyone is equal. There is always a ladder, on which each of the participants of the pack must take its place. Ideally, at the top of this ladder should be the owner. However, if for some reason he does not cope with the functions of the leader, the domestic dog, guided by schooling instincts, seeks to occupy a vacant place. She begins to consider herself a leader of the pack, to behave aggressively towards other members of your family and to you as well (more details on how to avoid conflict with the dog). This is a very dangerous situation, because once such a leader, who was just a pet yesterday, can recoup on weak members of the pack – on the elderly, on children. Especially, this applies to dogs whose body size and physical data can potentially pose such a threat. Therefore, if you suddenly noticed that your obedient and faithful dog suddenly began to growl at you or other family members – do not ignore this dangerous bell, it indicates a big problem that needs to be eliminated, and the earlier, the faster. With the problem of dominant behavior (so called its zoopsychologists) it is necessary to urgently fight
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