Video of the most beautiful horses in the world

Here is a video of one of the most beautiful, expensive and popular horses in the world. Here are collected several different breeds and colors.
It’s no secret that all horses differ in different parameters. For the grouping of rocks, many classifications are used, based on the origin, structure, economic and productive use, on the distribution areas, and so on.
In our country, the breeds are traditionally distributed according to the zootechnical classification proposed by AS Krasnikov (1978):
• Forest.
• Mountain.
• Steppe.
Factory and transitional:
• Horse.
• Horse-harness.
• Pristine.
• Trotting.
• Heavy duty.
Any breed can easily be assigned to a certain group by the sum of the characteristics, often even in the names of the breeds, the classification is indicated. For example, the Ukrainian horse breed, the Oryol trotter, the Soviet heavy-hauler, the Belarusian draft.
Some breeds of horses are known from ancient times, but the main variety of breeds appeared in the eighteenth-twentieth century. From the second half of the twentieth century, the most promising were the sports breeds, this is due to the decline in the value of cavalry and the development of mechanization.
In the modern stud farm, about 300 breeds of horses are known, less than half of which are the most numerous and popular. About 50 breeds of horses are common in Russia.
Pleasant viewing for all. Write your feedback, stories and observations. We are waiting for your comments and suggestions.

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