Video of the Himalayan cat for a good mood

This is an exciting and interesting video of a beautiful, sweet, kind Himalayan cat.

Buying a Himalayan cat. Advice
In fact, the Himalayan cat has no direct relationship to the Himalayas. Simply, her appearance is very similar to the popular in the US breed of Himalayan rabbits. The Himalayan cat is a bit like the Persian with its fluffiness, and its coloring is closer to the Siamese cats – that is, the paws, tail, ears and muzzle have a more saturated color in relation to the rest of the coat.
It’s easiest to buy a Himalayan cat in a cat’s nursery, that’s why you guarantee yourself the purchase of a thoroughbred kitten, grafted according to his age, healthy and equipped with all the documents he’s required. And then you will become the rightful owner of a fluffy miracle with charming blue eyes!
Very often cats, at first such loved ones, are thrown out onto the street because someone in the family has an allergy to cats. But the love of animals is stronger than sickness, and some cat owners own handfuls of anti-allergic drugs, but they suffer a cat in their home. In this regard, there were so-called hypoallergenic cats. To buy such a cat is worth a lot of money, but it’s not worth it.
In fact, hypoallergenic cats do not happen! And it does not matter, furry cat or completely bald, black, white or spotty. After all, the glycoprotein enzyme contained in the sebaceous skin secretions and saliva of the cat can not be excluded from the cat – as it is impossible to imagine a cat without skin and saliva. Easier to get rid of the house from dust collectors in the form of carpeting and heavy curtains, and daily wet cleaning will reduce the content of allergens in the air many times!
It is believed that kittens are the least allergenic. Cats are less allergenic than cats. Sterilized animals are less allergenic than unsterilized animals. And light cats are less allergenic than dark cats. Therefore, if you follow these recommendations, your white kitty should not grow up, and you are free from allergies!
The types of hypoallergenic cats are seven breeds recognized as the least allergenic: Balinese, Oriental Shorthair, Javanese, Devon Rex, Cornish Rex and Siberian. They, according to the latest scientific data, are less than other cats secrete that ill-fated glycoprotein.
Almost all of them are short-haired or completely bald, with the exception of Siberian cats. Despite its long and very thick coat, the Siberian cat will give odds to other breeds from the list: according to rumors, 75% of allergic owners cease to hurt, having brought a Siberian cat.
But back to the Himalayan cats. Of course, it does not apply to hypoallergenic breeds, but if you want to buy a Himalayan cat, then prepare for the fact that her hair should be carefully looked after, combed daily. If you do not do this, the wool can fall into dense coils, you can get rid of them only with the help of a haircut, and very painful.
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