Video of the Caucasian Shepherd.

History of the breed
 The roots of the origin of Caucasian sheep-dogs go back to the depths of centuries.
For more than 1000 years, the breed was perfected and perfected, undergoing severe trials in the mountains.
About the fortress and endurance of the Caucasians legend goes. It seems that the dog of this breed confirms the theory of the famous ethologist Konrad Lorenz about the “wolf” and “jackal” origin of the domestic dog.
KO inherited from his gray forest progenitor endurance, fearlessness and love of freedom.
For the first time, the so-called Tibetan danes (the breed is lost and has nothing to do with the modern Tibetan mastiff) are mentioned as ancestors of the Caucasians in China.
They were large dogs, with strong bones and well-developed jaws, intended for baiting.
Legends told us that such dogs were kept at the court of the emperor. The cynologists note the apparent similarity of the “Caucasians” and their alleged ancestors.
Another version says that the birthplace of sheep-dogs is the ancient state of Urartu, located in the Caucasus mountains in the 7th century BC. e. Pictures of similar dogs guarding the fortifications of cities were found.
Strong, strong dogs, who deserved love and respect, were in demand and eventually settled over the expanses of Mongolia and other Asian regions. Their working qualities were evaluated by nomadic herders.
Subsequently, the animals penetrated into the territory of Mesopotamia, then to Greece, together with troops and trade carts.
As a result of the continuous migration of the population, wars and trade routes, they gradually spread throughout the continent.
They gradually spread throughout the continent.
The main population of sheep-dogs has mastered the territory between the Caspian and Black Seas.
Features of this area – geographical, climatic, social, gradually formed a unique breed, unsurpassed in endurance and adaptability to local conditions.
That’s when the Caucasian sheepdog (KO) actually appeared, which for many hundreds of years has not undergone almost no changes.
The main function of the dog was determined – helping the shepherd or shepherd to protect large herds of cattle from predators, mainly wolves, which gave birth to its second name – the Caucasian wolfhound.
The Caucasian Shepherd is the ancestor of the Moscow watchdog.

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