Video of cats of the Abyssinian breed

This breed of cats is one of the oldest. The Ethiopian beast (also called beauty) is a cat of a rare mind and a rare rancidity. The breed is famous for its exceptional colors – wild color, red (sorrel or cynamon), blue and faun are characteristic of Abyssinian. Ideally, if each hair of her hair has a triple ticking. Photos of the descendants of the cat Zul, the first Abyssinian brought to Europe, do not convey all the wild charm of the representatives of this breed.
Abyssinian cat – a miniature and cute creature, striking in its appearance, attracting the eyes of admiring people. Despite its size, it resembles a wild animal of the family of large felines, which makes this breed mysterious. Where did the Abyssinian breed of cats come from and what are their characteristics?
History of the origin of the breed
Abyssinian cat is an ancient breed. These cats lived on the territory of Abyssinia (their homeland, now known as Ethiopia)
for more than two thousand years. Pictures with their images near the pharaohs were very often depicted on the walls.
These cats were considered sacred animals, they were kept only by pharaohs or their relatives. Gracefulness, a royal bearing and their sight is something that was passed on to them from antiquity, as these cats were revered.
Abyssinian cat appeared in America thanks to two cats in 1907. After the war, this breed almost disappeared in Europe, but the “stubborn” breeders recreated the “Abyssinians”.
The Abyssinian kitten is different from the adult cat, he: so pretty, a bit clumsy and does not look like a “royal lady”. Having grown up, the “abyssinian” acquires its own stature, gracefulness and true breed.
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