Video of a kind, gentle giant dog, Newfoundland.

An interesting, instructive video of a very large breed of giant dog, Newfoundland.
There are at least 400 breeds of dogs in the world, but every lover, as a rule, has only one of the most expensive breeds.
The dog is ready to endure inconvenience if the dog is large or often sheds; if it loudly barks or requires a walk, despite the storm warnings.
However, there is a breed that only the indifferent will not appreciate.
One look at the huge good-natured aristocrat – and man under magic magic, even if he prefers completely different breeds.
It’s about dogs of the breed of divers, or, more correctly, Newfoundland, which by right can be called gentle giants.
Origin of the breed
 These dogs come from the Canadian maritime province, the island of Newfoundland.
As to their origin, there is no clarity, there are only different hypotheses, which have both adherents and critics.
The first documentary evidence of the breed itself dates back to the 18th century, and the descriptions of the standards were compiled in 1886, it was from this moment that the history of the Newfoundland breed began.
Newfoundlands are massive, hardy, muscular animals with thick, long hair. Belong to the category of working dogs.
To date, work is continuing with divers, with a view to further improvement.
Newfoundland inherent innate instinct to save drowning people or simply caught in water; they have a soft, good nature.

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