The funniest hamster photo

Sometimes happens that the whole day goes to nothing, there is no mood, nothing is glued … Then you need to see this selection of steep hamsters which with ease will lighten the mood to any! Around the world there are about 26 species of hamsters, and all of them are simply charming! Whether often it is possible to contemplate charming rodents in amusing, unpredictable and bright situations and the moments of joy and surprise? Hamsters deserve as much love, attachment, care and time how many and any other pets. You will become closer to particular efforts and patience and will begin to understand that hamsters try to tell you!

Hamsters extremely seldom make sounds. Usually it occurs when small animals are strongly frightened. But the one who attentively watches behavior of the pet will soon notice a number of peculiar reactions of an animal to particular external changes. Hamsters express the mood and the relation to any phenomenon or an event, using language of movements.
Sounds which are made by hamsters can also be various. Plaintive and shrill shout of the pet shows the strong fear of an animal who feels helpless and defenseless. Short squeal is sign of fear too, however such sound at the same time means also that the small animal intends to be protected actively.

The small animal who is in playful and cheerful mood quickly runs on a cage, efficiently digs a laying, climbs game devices or tries to climb up cage rods. In quiet mood the hamster slowly stretches, washes carefully and slowly. If the pet wants to sleep, he yawns.

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